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Callum Sills Personal Trainer

About Me:

I am a Personal Trainer and Online Coach based in the UK just down the road from the birthplace of DH Lawerence. I specialise in strength and conditioning so that my clients are able to achieve what i call the 'Golden Ratio' pull, push, press and lift their own body weight

I do this by supporting people to achieve their goal through my '3 Core Values' or '3 Pillars of Training' Education, Consistency and Get up Get on.

Personal Fitness has always been a major part of my life. With 10 years experience working in the health industry of which 7 years were with a market leading health club. For the last two year i have successfully created and developed my own personal fitness company

I am a business owner, personal fitness coach and primary carer for my 3 beautiful children. I understand that life can be fast paced and leading a healthy lifestyle can be demanding

"My mission for my clients is to create a lifestyle change not a fad diet"

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2009 - Recruited to compete in the Ireland Boson national sailing Regatta

2010 - Qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer

2011 - Secured a position as a senior instructor at a national premium Health Centre 

2013 - Competed in the equinox 24HR endurance race and Tough Mudda

2014 - Competed in a Duatholon

2016 - Competed in Tough Mudda

2017 - Built my own Gym with full Facilities, with my own two hands

2018 - Launched my business and competed in Tough Mudda

2019 - Qualified as a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach

2020 - Launched my online Personal Fitness Coaching platform

Early morning sprint training with Lisa


I guess I have been a regular gym attendee since my 20’s. Mostly, using routines gleaned from various books on weight training. To be honest, I never really noticed much difference in my body but it felt virtuous to go and I thought that it might be at least controlling my weight. As I approached my 50’s I decided that I wanted to be leaner and started to make changes to my diet. In tandem I got involved with a personal trainer. This certainly helped with motivation but significant results were still elusive. After moving gyms I started training with Callum. At first this was in a busy gym where instruction was somewhat impeded by competition for the various pieces of equipment. I found this frustrating as I often felt I was being short changed when the planned exercise was not possible. Moving to Calum’s own gym was a real breath of fresh air (metaphorically and physically!). No queuing for equipment. No distractions. Just complete focus on the job in hand. Consequently my training has come on significantly and, at last, I can actually see results. Having a routine planned out for you by a professional, who closely understands you objectives, is very different to randomly wandering through a gym, stopping a various stations, because you think you need to exercise a particular muscle group . I look forward to my weekly session. I know Callum is going to push me (but not break me) and I always enjoy the banter. I cannot imagine going back to a busy gym for Personal Training now.

My husband and I used to train in a gym where Callum started out. He started off as someone who worked on the gym floor and worked his way up through the ranks to PT. My husband and I had always said that if we were going to have PT with anyone we would want to PT with Callum as he always beasts his clients and was never just stood around chatting to his clients.

Then when we saw that Callum had left the gym I started following him on Facebook and had set up his own business. Callum then launched a competition, I entered and won. I then had a victory PT session and boy was I not disappointed. I wanted to be pushed and he definitely succeeded.

On the back of this, my husband and I decided that we would start training with Callum every other week and he is great. Every session is totally different and he reads our moods etc perfectly. If we turn up and are feeling strong he adapts the session to suit, however if we turn up and one of us is feeling under the weather he eases us into the session. We always walk away (sometimes we crawl away) feeling like our muscles have been very used.

Callum has nicknamed our training sessions as ‘date night’ and my husband and I look forward to our ‘date night’ and seeing what Callum has in store for us. He is a great PT and explains everything as we do it. He makes sure we do everything safely and explains we do the moves correctly.



“Training with Callum has been a huge part of my journey, transformation, self-discovery and learning how to love myself.

Training with Callum gave me the strength and courage to look in the mirror and love my reflection, in that moment, no matter what my physical appearance was, to appreciate, recognize, celebrate & love who I am on the inside and harness the greatness & Beauty I possess and hold within.


The introduction of the online training system with use of the MyZone monitoring strap allowed me to take my training to a whole new dimension, it’s an awesome platform that is supportive as you become part of a community all traveling your own training path but together, the community is something I gain inspiration from and hopefully inspired and motivated others.


More importantly, the online training system gave me accountability and responsibility for my own sessions, when I needed to take it up a notch but also when to take it down too, with use of the app and visual aids within the app itself, this feature was really useful as I had a habit of overtraining, knowing Callum was keeping an eye on me like a Guardian angel or maybe more like an evil elf, only joking boss lol, is a great comfort.


Would I recommend Callum Sills personal Training...hmmm! yes I most definitely would, his jokes are pretty bad but Callum’s expansive knowledge and experience makes up for it, Callum is caring and supportive, he truly tailors each session to where you are at in that moment. I’m grateful for the positive difference he has brought to my life, I am yet to reach my fitness and training goals but I have already achieved so much, training with Callum has exceeded all my expectations” 



"The proof is in the pudding. Fit and fabulous at 50."
callum sills 


143A Nottingham Road 



NG16 3GJ

Tel: 07910951904

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