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As a Personal Trainer with 10 years experience I am very excited to offer my expertise in fitness
and mindfulness through a comprehensive, accountable and lifestyle changing Online Fitness
Membership, with the Myzone Heart Beat Fitness Monitor and three different fitness options to
offer, Bronze Membership, Silver Membership and Gold Membership, I have the confidence that you can achieve your health goals and change your lifestyle.

Bespoke Training Plan


3 Membership Options to Suit Your Goals


MyZone Fitness Heartbeat Monitor


Nutritional Advice and Support


Community Support


Youtube Video Training Sessions


Instant Messaging With Your Online Coach


Educational Blogs and Seminars


True Accountability

As your personal coach, you will be offered the opportunity to not only increase your fitness levels through my results-driven MyZone Fitness Belt but an opportunity to change your lifestyle with the support of my Youtube Fitness Training Sessions and Weekly Training Plans that will be monitored through the Myzone App with  Nutritional programmes. I want to help you take away the hurdles and excuses so that you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and body transformation that suits you.


Join our ever-growing fitness family and workout with others that share the same mindset and mission as you. 

What do you need? 


Every member no matter their membership level, will need to purchase a MyZone heart rate monitor, via our shop with a huge membership-only discount of 40%!! 


What do i do next?


Step 1  Purchase your MyZone Fitness Belt with a 40% Membership discount


Step 2: Choose an Online Fitness Membership that suits your Health needs


Step 3: Fill out the Online Membership Application Form


Step 4: Ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions


Step 5: Get up and Get on and start to increase a healthy mindset and healthy body

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Whether your looking to reduce Body Fat, increase Core Strength or Cardio Fitness or simply feel healthier, i can support you, no matter where your are in the world i can help you achieve your fitness goals with a bespoke Fitness Training plan that is results driven to your individual lifestyle needs


My Mission is to reduce all hurdles and support you in achieving your fitness goals with results driven data. I want you to improve your lifestyle instead of going around in circles with ‘Fad Diets’. It is frustrating to work so hard but see no reward, so invest in yourself, there is no better investment

"The online training system gave me accountability and responsibility for my own sessions, when I needed to take it up a notch but also when to take it down too, with use of the app and visual aids within the app itself, this feature was really useful as I had a habit of overtraining, knowing Callum was keeping an eye on me like a Guardian angel or maybe more like an evil elf, only joking boss lol, is a great comfort."


- Chantelle 2019