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January Article


First and foremost Happy New Year! I wish you all the best with your endeavors and goals this year, dream big & deliver big because I know I am!

Now we have started a new year we are motivated and glad to leave behind the pitfalls and ready to implement the lessons learned from last year. We are chomping at the bit to make the most of our new beginnings with excitement and determination!

Unfortunately, all this eagerness can become our downfall! Let me tell you Karen’s story…….Karen has seen the new year in with friends and family. She has drunk, eaten and gorged herself more than anyone on the planet. Why? Because come January 2nd she is going to be a new woman, she is going to:

-Lose 3 stone this year

-Throw out all her old clothes and buy new ones 3 sizes smaller

-Attend all the classes offered by her gym

-Kick alcohol out the door

-Stop eating chocolate and fast food

-Climb Mount Everest or her equivalent challenge

And so the list goes on………...

Now I am not trying to say Karen isn’t going to achieve any of these goals or say she doesn’t have the necessary skills or determination to achieve them, but what Karen doesn’t understand is that by setting such challenging goals, she may be setting herself up to fail….

Week 1: Will go impeccably well. Karen will only drink water, she will work out 3 times a day, eat only lettuce and dust to help her drop all the Christmas weight and more. At the end of week one she will feel like she has been run over by a steam train but mentally she is in total euphoria!

Week 2: Karen will be suffering from the fallout of her previous week’s training but still be determined. Instead of training 3 times a day, it will be 2 and at the end of the week she will treat herself to a glass of wine and a pizza for being so good!

Week 3: she wakes up at 5.45 am all bleary-eyed to leave for the gym and keep up with her ambitious new year’s goals. She turns the alarm off and rolls back over…….

This is the outcome Karen has been building up to from January 1st! Now nothing Karen has done is wrong and her eagerness is not to be criticised. Her goals may not be unrealistic, it is merely the pace at which she has set out to accomplish them that has hindered her. “Make a lifestyle change, not a fad diet”. This is something everyone has heard me say before and will inevitably hear me say again. This is where training comes in…..consistency pick a goal, make a sustainable plan and stick to it.

This is the secret to hitting your goals, getting into that dress, dropping a suit size and getting beach body ready. Make it sustainable; wake up every day and make one positive step forward to hitting that goal and stick to your plan even when the going gets hard.

So, if you’re inspired, please ask me in person, by phone or via skype to create a plan of attack for this year’s goals.

Happy New Year.

Callum Sills

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