Why do we lift ?????

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Why do we lift ???

This is a question I get asked a lot, along with ‘won’t I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger ?!?!?!’ The simple answer is no, unless your spending 8hrs a day lifting weights in the gym, not working, eating 3000+ calories per day and sleeping 10hrs per night, no you won’t look like Arnie!

So why do we lift, it comes down to a slightly more complicated answer than to look good. As we all know the benefits of lifting weights is aesthetically pleasing, but it is this causality of increased muscle mass from weight training we seek so much in fat loss. How this works is if we have bigger muscles we need to feed them more. It’s a similar concept to buying a bigger engined car, it consumes more fuel. Instead of filling up at the petrol pump, we stick to an appropriate amount of calories for a fat loss diet and the rest of the fuel needed for our increased gun show will come from the stored fat cells within our body.

This put scientifically for the clever people out there is with an increased muscle mass (the result of a well-structured weight lifting program) we heighten our metabolic rate which governs how fast we consume calories and fat in our body to fuel the beast which is our new stronger body! This is a semi-permanent outcome i.e this will be the result as long as we keep weight lifting. If we stop then the reversal of this process will ensue, and we lose muscle tone definition and aesthetic look.

This is just one of the many benefits of weight lifting,

-Combat the aging process for men and women.

-Offsetting osteoporosis.

-Slows natural onset of muscle wastage in aging

-Boosts both testosterone and estrogen, helping battle the war going on in your body in the form of homeostasis ( chemical and hormone balance)

-Injury prevention - the stronger our muscles are, the lower the risk of injury!!

to name a few…..

As much as we would like to slow, stop and impede the aging process, we can’t. If we have stronger and healthier muscle mass and we dedicate time to looking after our bodies, we can certainly slow down the visual effects and feelings of the aging process.

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Why do we lift ?????

by Callum sills

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